The Pablo Family lives in the “barangay” (neighbourhood) of Anibong in Tacloban city. Anibong is a small coastal community and one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the Philippines. Their home was completely destroyed during the typhoon, it has taken them three years to rebuild. Nilda Pablo is a mother of two who has been working with her sister Imelda as a snack vendor and manicurist for 10 years. Her husband Abner is a staffer at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Their two children are Lovely (16) and Arnel (14). Nilda and Imelda said they once dreamed of being soap opera stars.

Jessel Quitorio studied theatre at the University of the Philippines, Tacloban, where she received a BA in Communication Arts. She has appeared in stage productions of Alice in Wonderland and KALARAKAN (space): Angels and Demons. Her first-hand experience of the super typhoon was incorporated into her performance in this film.

Marissa Cabaljao was a peasant leader on the Philippine island of Samar, eventually serving as the Barangay Secretary (local government leader) for Magdawat Pinabacdao. Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda made landfall while she was serving this role in her community. The disaster opened her eyes to the failure of nation states to respond to the climate crisis. As a result she became a spokesperson for farmers in Samar working with The People Surge (the country’s largest, broadest alliance of storm survivors). She now serves full time as the Secretary General for the People Surge while raising her children. She has a small role in the film and has been serving as a consultant on it before the script was even written. Her work at the People Surge makes her an ideal person to speak on behalf of the millions of people affected by climate change in the Philippines. Tragically, several of Marissa’s comrades have been assassinated in extrajudicial killings involving the Philippine Military. Your donations will help her engage with international audiences and media. Raising her international profile could quite literally help save her life.

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