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"Wow. That is a beautiful film. Never seen anything like it." 
- Oscar© Winner Adam Mckay


  • Emerging Canadian Director
    (Presented by Director's Guild of Canada at the 37th Vancouver International Film Festival)

  • Best Director Jury Prize (2018 Liverpool Film Festival)

  • Best Director Jury Prize (2018 Mumbai Indian Cine Film Festival)

  • Best Canadian Feature Film (19th Gimli International Film Festival)

  • Best Supporting Actress (Canadian Film): Kayla Lorette
    - 19th Vancouver Film Critics Circle Awards

  • Best Supporting Actor (Canadian Film): Aaron Read
    - 19th Vancouver Film Critics Circle Awards



"Uncomfortable and unforgettable." - The Globe and Mail
"Beautiful, breathtaking... hilarious" - VICE
"Powerhouse" - The Georgia Straight (Cover story)
"Audacious authenticity" - The Vancouver Courier
"A true and genuine gem" - The Tyee


From Executive Producers The Yes Men, Mark Achbar (dir: The Corporation) and Naomi Klein. A genre defying docudramedy starring a real Filipino family re-enacting their daily struggle to recover from the strongest storm in recorded history - 2013’s Typhoon Haiyan. Their journey intertwines with a pair of inept white saviours played by Canadian Comedy Award Winners Kayla Lorette and Aaron Read. The third feature film from Filipino-Canadian writer/director/comedian Sean Devlin 叶 世民 is a prefigurative production that has improved the economic quality of life for the storm survivors that star in the film. This film was produced through crowdfunding combined with generous support from The Canada Council for the Arts and Telefilm Canada.

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